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This page outlines the website’s privacy policy, along with information on disclosure for ads, sponsorships and affiliate links.


This website collects personal data to power website analytics, including:

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We share this information with our website analytics provider, to learn about site traffic and activity.


This website uses cookies and similar technologies, which are small files or pieces of text that download to a device when a visitor accesses a website or app.

These functional and required cookies are always used, our hosting platform, to securely serve this website to you.
These analytics and performance cookies are used on this site, as described below, only when you acknowledge our cookie banner. We use analytics cookies to view site traffic, activity, and other data.

In some special cases, this site also uses cookies provided by trusted third parties, including; Google Analytics which is used to monitor website performance;

Fabulous Hair Up collects and tracks data over time and across websites and/or apps from visitors to influencers’ sites. For example, Fabulous Hair Up collects and tracks data on consumers who click on a merchant link or other links. They also collect visitors’ IP addresses and may infer location from IP addresses. among other things. This information allows us to facilitate commissions and generate reports for influencers and merchants. Fabulous Hair Up also tracks device information from visitors to an influencer’s site, which includes data points on browsers, operating systems, device type, CPU, mobile, IOS, screen, display, plug-ins, mime, font, storage, time, language and canvas. Among other things, This Information may allow Fabulous Hair Up to create profiles about the possible relationships among different browsers and devices. Fabulous Hair Up also collects data on traffic, impressions, views and clicks.